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May Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

The COVID-19 reaction here has been extreme, and we have had to adapt throughout this whole time. What began as a 2 week quarantine then turned into 4 weeks, then into 6, and finally 8 weeks. We are in the last week of quarantine and are waiting to see if the president will extend the quarantine once again or what kind of restrictions we will have in our daily lives as well as ministry.


We have definitely had to grow in patience during this time as we have had such an abrupt lifestyle change. Children have not been allowed to leave the house for the past 8 weeks, and they are going a little stir crazy. We have had to withdraw our children from the school they attended due to the uncertainty and lack of classes. They will now begin homeschooling this year. Please pray for us as we try our best to get our kids back on track with their education.

Omega Baptist Church

God has greatly blessed the church during this time and our people’s faith has been strengthened. We are still broadcasting our services via Facebook, and we are seeing many people, who would never step a foot inside the door, respond to our online services.

We have many families that live day to day and haven’t been able to find work during this time, but the church members have come together to take up offerings and to help the families in need. It’s been such a blessing to see.

We are waiting to hear news from the president, but it seems that we will not be able to meet as a church until August at the earliest. Please pray for us as we try to deal with all of this information wisely and to continue to move forward as a church. This will most likely mean that we will need to turn our building back over to the landlords and look for other options in August.

Peru Bible College

It seems likely that we will have to finish out this semester with online only classes. This has been a bit of a challenge, but it has also served to help our teachers to improve on the technological side of things. We are praying that things will be able to open up by August so that our students can come in and continue being trained. Due to the isolation, our influence is very limited in their personal lives during this time, but we know that the Lord is using this trial in their lives to draw them closer to Him and to learn to depend on Him daily.

Speaking Internationally

Due to quarantines across all of Latin America, the Lord has allowed me to preach all over the continent through recordings, etc. I have been able to preach in Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia, and Bolivia as well as different churches inside of Peru. This shows one thing, that while we might be held back, the Word of God isn’t and will continue to work despite what the devil may try to do to stop it!

We are praying for each of you during this time and hope that the Lord will continue to provide and guide each of you for His glory.

David and Katie Gardner – Missionaries in Peru